Contributions to moOde audio player

User Interface

@swizzle: moOde Adaptive UI and many other contribs

Feature and Technical

Walker Boyd, Brendan Pike: MPD/PHP configs for improved Library capacity
diyAudio moOde thread
Steve Bennett: UPnP configuration
diyAudio moOde thread @Serverbaboon
Ralf Braun: UPnP album art and metadata parsing
diyAudio moOde thread
Bob Daggg: Clock radio and Playback history log
diyAudio moOde thread @DRONE7
Alan Finnie: Logarithmic volume control (pre-MPD 0.20 series)
moOde Twitter Feed
Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis: Playback panel with integrated Playlist
Part-Time Audiophile - Contributors
Kent Reed: Numerous contributions to improve moOde and overall usability
diyAudio moOde thread @TheOldPresbyope
Klaus Schulz: Numerous contributions for improved audio quality
soundcheck's - audio@vise
@lazybat: Inspiration for Album Panel, Chinese utf8 character filter
@jesset: arm64 detection and reporting
Mike Thornbury, Gordon Garrity: Access Point (AP) mode
diyAudio moOde thread @Zootalaws (Mike) (Gordon)

Sources and Configs

Jean-Francois Dockes: upexplorer utility
Andreas Goetz: Moode3 Prototype, Coverart module, Airplay metadata engine and many other code improvements
Rusty Hodge: founder of Soma FM, Soma API
Yvon Landriault: Graphic Equalizer feature
Select from a variety of preset curves
Clive Messer and Martin Sperl: Experimental Advanced Audio Kernel (4.4.y-simple branch)
Klaus Schulz: Adv Kernel builds, RT/LL audio tunings, Squeezelite, Bluetooth and many UI improvements
soundcheck's - audio@vise
@Koda59: Moode OS Image Builder
diyAudio Moode thread
Richard Parslow: System config settings for keyboard and layout codes
diyAudio Moode thread

Core Components

Raspberry Pi by Eben Upton, Rob Mullins, Jack Lang, Alan Mycroft, David Braben, and Pete Lomas
Raspbian by Mike Thompson (mpthompson), Peter Green (plugwash) and the entire Raspberry Pi community
Debian Linux created by Ian Murdock in 1993
Auto-Shuffle by Josh Kunz
BlueZ Bluetooth protocol stack by Johan Hedberg
BlueZ ALSA backend by Arkadiusz Bokowy
Bootstrap by @mdo and @fat
Bootstrap-select by caseyjhol
Eq10X2 Graphic Equalizer by Tim Goetze
EqFA4p Parametric Equalizer by Tim Goetze
Crossfeed by Boris Mikhaylov
Dnsmasq by Simon Kelly
Flat UI by Designmodo
Font Awesome by Dave Gandy
Hostapd by Jouni Malinen
jQuery Adaptive Backgrounds by Brian Gonzalez
jQuery Countdown by Keith Wood
jQuery Knob by Anthony Terrien
jQuery Lazy Load by Mike Tuupola
jQuery MD5 by Sebastian Tschan
jQuery Pines Notify (pnotify) by Hunter Perrin
jQuery scrollTo by Ariel Flesler
jQuery TouchSwipe by Matt Bryson
Lato-Fonts by Łukasz Dziedzic
MiniDLNA by Justin Maggard
MPD by Max Kellermann and Warren Dukes
MPD Audio Scrobbler by Henrik Friedrichsen
PHP by the PHP Team
Qix color-convert by Heather Arthur and Josh Junon
Shairport-sync by Mike Brady
Shellinabox by Markus Gutschke, fork by Luka Krajger
SQLite v3 by the SQLite Team
Squeezelite by Adrian Smith and Ralph Irving
Udisks-glue by Fernando Tarlá Cardoso Lemos
Upmpdcli by Jean-Francois Dockes
WiringPi GPIO access library by Gordon Henderson

Original Code

Andrea Coiutti: WebUI design, HTML/CSS/JS coding
Simone De Gregori: PHP/MPD/JS coding and OS optimizations
Michelangelo Guarise: RaspyFi/Volumio enhancements, OS image build
- One and a half year of work more than Raspyfi's WebUI made by ACX and Orion
- Work has been performed by me, Jotak and other Volumio community members
Joel Takvorian (jotak): Library Loader and Panel v1
volumio forum post
Jan Sandred (jansandred): Radio Station PLS Files (original set)
volumio forum post