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Full Version: Spotify Connect in Moode UI - track info
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Would be nice to see Spotify album art, track name, artist and album name in the Moode UI
@surfstu Hi, take a look at
I used to use the excellent spotify instructions which is still I believe the only way to get gapless spotify in moode, I have never tried the album art integration section as I don't care for album art, but it's maybe worth a shot.
I last tried it in v6 & it worked ok, not tried the latest version as I ditched spotify.
(09-25-2019, 02:51 PM)surfstu Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-01-2019, 07:06 PM)lukas12p Wrote: [ -> ]Would be nice to see Spotify album art, track name, artist and album name in the Moode UI

Bump, are we able to get artwork from spotify displayed within moode UI?

i have a wall mounted tablet for home automation and would like to use moode browser UI for all music being played.

Anyone have any advice on how they have achieved a wall mounted media player?



The moode built-in version of librespot doesn't support album art. There is a new java port of the old maintained rust version of librespot. The java developers seems quite active. And they have implemented the Spotify API(and the java port works with gapless and podcast playback). But I have no idea of how to get it to work with Moode, let alone how to implement the album art and/or the APIs ability to control Spotify playback. 

Java port of librespot:

You can try the Spotify API here:

Hope someone with better skills than I can sort it out eventually.
I do wonder whether Spotify will go the route of Qobuz & cancel the key used in all these unofficial plugins.