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Full Version: WiFi (AP) and CAT-5 together
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I haven't tested this thoroughly, but it SEEMS that if I do not connect to a wired network, the WiFi AP kicks in after a wait and I can then use the RPI as an AP. Once it's in this mode, it seems I can then connect to a wired network and communicate with the RPI that way as well.
However, if I power up connected to a Wired network, the WiFi AP never starts.

Is that correct, and if so, is that by design?

I'd like to have both running at all times if possible, without having to disconnect the wired LAN and restart?
Yes, it's by design. The AP WLAN in moOde is not bridged to the Ethernet LAN and so there is no reason to have both network interfaces active at the same time. Another factor in the design is that multiple active network interfaces has caused client routing issues in the past.

Whats your usage scenario for having both networks active?
AP for control, wired for streaming. Portable scenario where I'm not using another AP on the LAN.
I'm a bit confused. What environment has a LAN but no WLAN?
There's plenty, but no biggie. It's fine the way it is.
Oh... I'm confused now. My moode is connected via Ethernet and works well: I haven't done anything with wifi yet because moode is living inside a steel chassis so I will need a usb wifi dongle that can live outside the chassis and get signal, but I thought the idea was that moode could set up the wifi as a moode AP so that guests could connect to the SSID "moode" and control playback.
Now I know they could control it via my primary home wifi SSID but that requires me to give all guests the passphrase to my primary wifi, whereas if the moode wifi was set up as an AP that allowed connection only to moode and had a simple passphrase or no passphrase at all then they can control music playback without having to be allowed access to the rest of my network.
In my testing, here is what I observed when powering on the "Moode" RPI:
If the wired LAN is disconnected, the RPI (eventually) becomes a WiFi AP.
If the wired LAN is connected, the RPI WiFi AP does not start.
If the wired LAN is disconnected and the WiFi AP starts, you can then connect the wired LAN and both will be operational.

Whatever my reasons for wanting both, it would be nice if "both enabled" could be the default so that I wouldn't need to disconnect the wired LAN and reboot to enable them both as I do now.
If not automatic then at least a preference setting?
Not unless there is sufficient demand for it. In the meantime you can simply modify the IF ELSE code block at line #225 in file: /var/www/command/worker.php
Thank you. I'll see if I'm feeling brave!
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