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Full Version: adding new soundfile and cover
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Adding new Album to the NAS_Share, moOde Audio will not find them.

only when i do a 

# mpc update

it runs and add the new Song to the Database else not, or how long should i wait?!
so to check it more offen i have add it to cronjob but this did not work 

*/15 * * * * mpc update

Also with the cover, this did not work at first i had to push it in the Gui the resolve the Cover.
is there also a cli command to do this, so i could crate a script to run it 

have a nice day
Main Menu => Configure => Library => Update MPD Database
yes thanks @JST1963

is there also a command like
mpc rescan
mpc update

something to renew or refresh the Cover too?

have a nice day
Somewhere in the Library Menu, on the left at the bottom....
Sorry , don't have a moOde player here... I'm in Italy on a business trip till Thursday...
Menu, Configure, Library

Update or Re-gen the Album cover thumbnail cache