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Full Version: mpc insert Radiostation fails
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mpc ls you discover the structure of mpc 
mpc insert SDCARD/testmusic/testfile.flac
this command will add and play this song just next to the running song, all packet into a bash script and calling up with cron, works fine.

for a favorit Radio Broadcast ones a week i have done the same with but fails

with mpc ls RADIO
my station wanted is there RADIO/KanalK.pls (and no problem calling up with GUI)

but calling up with 
mpc insert RADIO/KanalK.pls 

error adding RADIO/KanalK.pls: No such directory

so what is going wrong?

have a nice day
any idea?
From mpc help

 mpc add <uri>            Add a song to the queue
 mpc insert <uri>         Insert a song to the queue after the current track
 mpc load <file>          Load <file> into the queue

Both insert and add require a uri for example:

mpc insert
mpc next

Only the load command accepts a file (playlist file).

Merci, i thought it would be similar to add a song