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Full Version: I2S DAC volume control
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I got the AK4493 DAC board for my RPi (sounds awesome btw) but in audio settings the volume control selection went by default to Disabled (0db). So now I have to control the volume with my power amplifier knob.

If I choose Software, would it work, and most important if it works - would there be quality loss of using Software Volume Control?

(Sorry for dumb question)  Blush
All volume controls, analog or digital, generate distortion. The only thing that matters is whether it's audible.

With two volume controls in the audio chain its usually best to calibrate the system to minimize distortion.

1. Set the downstream volume control (on the Amp) down to 0
2. Set MPD Software volume to 100
3. Play a track that represents what you typically listen to
4. Gradually turn up the downstream volume control until the level is the loudest you would listen at

This calibration usually results in no audible distortion when attenuating the upstream volume control (MPD Software) to normal listening level.