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Full Version: how to setup wlan0 and eth0 on different subnet
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Hello everybody,

I use wifi to connect LAN on a class B network ( I try to connect my NAS directly via the RJ45 port to (without hub/switch) which my NAS IP is, which its stand alone.

i set my Moode IP (in Moode Audio interface) as:

address assignment = STATIC
GATEWAY, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS are blank

Wireless (WIFI)
address assignment = STATIC
IP Address =
GATEWAY, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS are blank

The wifi works fine. But when I plug in the network cable which from the NAS directly, then I will lose my Moode. I need to unplug the cable and turn off/on my Moode manually then it can come back.

Shall I add another route for in manually?

Please help me. thank you!

Have a nice day,