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Full Version: Inconsistent Tag View behaviour.
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I don't know if this is a bug, or expected behaviour but it looks a little odd to me.

Case 1: An artist with one album in the collection but also some tracks on compilations.
Selecting this artist in Tag view, I get a single album in the Album column and a list of tracks that also includes the two from the compilation albums.  The list is exactly what I'd hope to see, everything from the artist regardless of what album it is on.  I think the other compilation albums should also appear in the Album list though so they can be used to select just the tracks on that album.
See "Loney.png"
Case 2: An Artist with multiple albums.
Selecting this artist in Tag View, I get a list of all the albums by that artist, but the track list is empty although the tally under the image of the artist name has the right number of tracks (all be it hidden rather under the play-bar).  Selecting "add" adds the tracks to the playlist correctly even though they were not listed in the track pane.
See "Laura.png"
It seems to me that the way this should work is that selecting an artist shows all the albums on which that artist appears in the album pane and all the tracks by that artist in the tracks pane.  Selecting a specific album from the album pane then refines the track list accordingly.  At the moment the behaviour is a bit of a hybrid.

Is this how it is supposed to work?
Typically when tagging a collection AlbumArtist = Artist except for compilation albums where AlbumArtist = the string "Various Artists.

What do the tags look like for Case #1?

For case #2 its trivial to display the entire track list when artist clicked and has multiple albums. The challenge is how to sort/group the list since the albums can appear alphabetically, by artist or by year. The track list would also need an album heading for each block of tracks for example:

Album 1
 track 1
 track 1
For case 1 I suspect I've found a quirk of my own tagging whereby some of my compilations have an AlbumArtist tag that isn't "Various". I'll do a few experiments and report back.

For case 2 I'd expect the sorting to be the same as that applied in the Album pane on the tag view (that is by the selection in the "Tagview sort order" option in the appearance settings). A heading for each album would be nice but not essential I think.
Agree with case 2 track order. it's going to be an interesting challenge :-)
Case 2 almost done :-) I'll post some screen shots later today.
(06-11-2020, 01:19 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: [ -> ]Case 2 almost done :-) I'll post some screen shots later today.

Wow, that's brilliant!  Thanks.

I've done some more research on Case #1 and find that it is a quirk of the fact that I sometimes don't use the "compilation identifier" as the the AlbumArtist on some compilations.  In the case of "Loney, Dear" as above there is one album with Loney, Dear in the AlbumArtist tag and the Artist tag, then there are two other tracks with Loney, Dear in the Artist tag but "Polyvinyl Records" in the AlbumArtist.  I like to tag samplers from a particular record label with the record label name in AlbumArtist, just suits me but I realise it is an unusual practice.
I also have several albums from Lykke Li, and tracks on compilations that are tagged as "Various" in AlbumArtist (which what I have set the compilation identifier to in the moOde settings).  In this case I select the Artist in Tag view and get a list of Albums that have Lykke Li in the Album Artist, the number of tracks listed corresponds to the total number on those Albums and the tracks on compilations are not included anywhere.  I experimentally set the compilation identifier to something other than Various and while the contents of the Album list remained the same, the count of tracks went up to include the tracks on compilations, so the track list must have been generated from the values in the Artist tag, not the Album Artist, unless AlbumArtist is the compilation identifier.  That's why the extra tracks showed up in the Loney, Dear example.  Furthermore, if I click the Artist name and "add", then all the tracks including those on the compilations are added.

From this I conclude that:
The "Artist list" is a list of all AlbumArtist tags plus any Artist if AlbumArtist is blank.
The "Album list" is populated with a list of all albums where AlbumArtist = selected Artist from the artist list.
The "Track list" is populated with all tracks where Artist = selected Artist from the artist list unless AlbumArtist=compilation identifier and is hidden unless either only one Album exists in the Album list, or an Album is selected in the Album list when it contains only the tracks on the selected album.

So I expect that this bit <The "Track list" is populated with all tracks where Artist = selected Artist from the artist list> is the bit that does not work as might be expected but it does in fact give me results that I prefer once I set the compilation identifier to something not in any of my tags Smile

Course, that might make coding case 2 go all bong...  But you have an eager tester here if you need it.
@Tim Curtis , I'm inspired to have a crack at making some changes in the Tag View that might lead to useful enhancements. Would you be so kind as to point me at the relevant bits of the code in GitHub?
The Library panel Tag and Album views are implemented in scripts-library.js source file. Folder and Radio views are implemented in playerlib.js
Here are some screen shots of the improved Browsing experience in Tag view.

[attachment=1413] [attachment=1414] [attachment=1415]
Tim, that looks brilliant. (and I even like your music choice)
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