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Full Version: Repeated tracks for albums with same name
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I recently installed moOde 6.7.1 on a rpi 4 and have definitely found it to be the best and most functional of the audio players I've tried.  I'm really enjoying it.  Thank you for putting it together.

I have noticed a bug though.  I have several albums titled "Greatest Hits".   From album view when I select the album in basically any way (add, play, clear/play, show tracks) it adds the tracks from that album correctly, but it adds them N times where N is the number of albums I have titled "Greatest Hits", or in the case of show tracks it shows the tracks N times.  The tracks are repeated in order, 1-7,1-7,...,1-7, etc.  There is no mixing of tracks from the other albums, just a repeat of the tracks from the selected album.

Under tag view the tracks are correctly shown only once and adding them works correctly as well.  (Only one copy gets added.)

The albums are a mix of mp3 and flac, they are from an NFS mount.  All are tagged with artist, some with album artist some without.  (I added album artist to one and it made no difference.)  I regenerated the library and looked at the mpd log and spot checking each album's tracks showed up only once as expected.

Since tag view works correctly but album view does not I lean towards a bug in album view.

Not a crisis and thanks again for your work.
For sure it's a bug. The symptoms were first reported by @dwlacroix who provided a couple of albums that were used to reproduce the issues. :-)

The fixes are in upcoming moOde 7 series.
Clearly my forum search skills are lacking. Sorry about that. Looking forward to the next release.