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Full Version: Handling of duplicate album titles (Greatest Hits)
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A little bug I just found.  When I play a "Greatest Hits" album by clicking on the artwork, Moode queues it up 4 times (ie multiple queues of the same album).

This only happens with "Greatest Hits" albums and I worked out that I have 4 of these in my library.

So it looks like where there are duplicate album titles, Moode will queue up the album the same number of times as you have duplicates.

A minor issue, but just throught I'd flag it up.  I'm on version 6.7.1
Is AlbumArtist tag same for the each of the albums?
(10-26-2020, 05:51 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: [ -> ]Is AlbumArtist tag same for the each of the albums?

No, 3 of the albums have no AlbumArtist tag, the other album does have a valid AlbumArtist tag.

Just to be clear, the Artist tag is different on each of the 4 albums.

Thanks - yes, looks like I'm reporting the same issue.

Apologies for the duplicate bug report!
No prob. I lost track of the fix as we work toward the release of 7 but here it is buried in the release notes. I have a couple of albums named "Greatest Hits" and I can assure u they are handled correctly in 7 :-)

Bug fixes

- FIX: Album key and cross-index for Tag and Album views
The easiest thing to do is
1) Always fill your <Album Artist> tags with the Album Artist (Various Artists for compilations) and be consistent with & or And etc.
2) Do not just use just "Greatest Hits" in the <Album> field, use something like "The Angels Greatest Hits" same with "Best of" etc
3) If you have different releases of the same Album, use something like "461 Ocean Boulevard" and "461 Ocean Boulevard (2001 Remaster)"
4) Use a good library manager to easily keep you collection properly tagged. I use MediaMonkey paid version, but there are other good ones too.

I have over 4,500 Albums, and I never have this problem.