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Full Version: Counter for played pieces
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iTunes has a counter how often you have played some tracks from your library. It is using this later , when you shuffle the music to play these types of tracks more often that have a higher counter.
"My" first idea is, if it is also possible to integrate a counter into the MoOde library ? ( I know, there are some consequences : e.g. how to keep the counters , when you upgrade MoOde - could be done through the MP3 tags, but means also write access to the tracks and there are some other hazels )

The second idea is, to not only show the counter; instead integrate some functions like "Playlist sorted by play counter" 

What do you think ?
It probably possible to do something like this using the MPD sticker.sql file to maintain the per track "counter" but it would also require that the maintainers of both the MPD and auto-shuffle projects also includes this MPD sticker file value into their algorithms for shuffling tracks. Not likely unless there is significant demand for something like this.
Yeah, that sounds a bit complicated. I had more the thinking to touch the "files" but that of course is a wrong thinking when we talk about a "stream".
The challenge with song files is that there is no standard metadata tag for "number_of_plays_counter". If there were such a tag then it could be used universally by music players.