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Full Version: Add additional input selection
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I have seen other requests as well for this option. Would it be possible to allow end users to add an additional input selection from the UI where you normally select radio, upnp folder, etc. at (got this picture from another thread in the forum):

[Image: 2.png]

I would like to add audio input source from the TV to Moodeaudio (using SPDIF in on the Hat). When selecting this source it should launch a customizable script (in my case: arecord -d 0 -f dat -c 2 | aplay) to start playing audio from that source. The play/stop/pause should then operate the input stream.

Right now I can use a remote to map a key to the script and start the audio input stream, but an UI based option is preferred.

Edit: Or can we use CamillaDSP for such a feature in the near future?
The only devices coded in moOde to support switchable input are listed below. Input switching is accomplished via the Input Source screen.

- Hifiberry DAC+ADC (Analog in)
- 'Audiophonics ES9028/9038 DAC' (S/PDIF in)
Thanks in my case it is the Digi+ I/O from Hifiberry. I see more of the input cards coming like the IAN Canada receiverpi.