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RE: Slowmow - philrandal - 06-24-2019

Moode on my Pi Zero W has always been a tad slow, even after reimaging onto a high-quality MicroSD card.

One thing which has made a difference for me in the past is compacting the SQLite database.

Sometimes the UI just freezes on loading and I have to do a browser refresh to fully load the page.

I've never gotten to the bottom of it and I'm not too bothered as Moode will be going on to my Pi 3B after I've got LibreElec up and running on my Pi 4.

RE: Slowmow - Tim Curtis - 06-24-2019

The single-core Zero's with older WiFi chip are probably not going to be able to keep pace as moOde software keeps moving forward incorporating more advanced UI and audio features. If you are not constrained to using a Zero then I'd just bump to the super nice 3A+.

Anyway, I've fixed the Play/Playall lag for the Zeros :-)

This will be part of upcoming moOde 5.4 which may be based on the new Raspbian Buster release. More to come.

RE: Slowmow - harsl - 07-12-2019

So, I reformat my SD and put a fresh latest beta release 5.4.
I am happy again. lightning speeds and all as should be.
Even the autoplay did work, but after a night of scanning al my mp3's Moode doesnt put any new songs on the next to play list.

RE: Slowmow - Tim Curtis - 07-12-2019

Look in the MPD log for errors.

cat /var/log/mpd/log