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System updating - jmgtierrez - 08-09-2019

Once the Moode distribution is installed, should I update the operating system using the apt-get command? Should I only use the Moode application to update the entire system?

Thanks in advance

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Juan Manuel

RE: System updating - Strider - 08-09-2019

Unless you're going from a major leap in versions, say 2.6 to 5.3.1/6.0 then I'd suggest a fresh image.

If your're doing an update to you're image 'in situ' I'd go to 'Configure, 'System', "Check for software update." The latest image will automatically installed over your existing version.
The description above is much easier and you won't lose your library or other personalised settings.

RE: System updating - Patolog1964 - 08-10-2019

Please advice. Can't automatically update on in 6.0. Can it be done manually?

RE: System updating - zakmorris - 08-17-2019

I'm hooking on this discussion.
I have uploaded about 600 radio stations in mood 5.3.1.
There is a way to switch to 6.0, even manually, without losing my stations.

RE: System updating - Norbert - 08-17-2019


Look here:

RE: System updating - grasshopper - 08-17-2019

I always update weekly using apt-get dist-upgrade, being based on Debian, updates are not plentiful and they're well tested. I think it's more important applying all updates to anything connected to the internet on your network.

I've never encountered an issue with this in Moode