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Problem with 'Show Genres' = No - gbh_uk - 08-13-2019

Hi - many, many thanks for adding the option to hide the Genres column in Moode 6!

However, I'm in the process of building my setup and have noticed the following behaviour - during which the Genres column becomes visible once again:

Steps to replicate:

1. In 'Edit Library Options' select - Show Genres column [No]
2. Go back to the Artist/Album view -> The genres column is hidden (again, many thanks for this!).
3. Pick any track and play it.
4. Switch to playback view
5. Refresh the web-browser whilst in playback view (I'm using Chrome on Windows 10 PC)
6. Switch back to the Artist/Album view -> The genres column re-appears.
7. Refresh the browser once again -> The genres column goes back to [the correct behaviour of] being hidden.

It's not a major issue but I just wanted to bring it to your attention.


RE: Problem with 'Show Genres' = No - Tim Curtis - 08-13-2019


I am able to repro this issue.

The fix will be in the upcoming moOde 6.0.0 in-place update to 6.0.1 :-)