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Player recommendations - Bedlore - 08-13-2019

Hi all

I'm looking for ideas of how to achieve the following; I want to provide my young daughter with the ability to play my music collection in her bedroom.  I run moode as the MPD daemon with a rpi dac on top for my lounge room.  For library access and control I mostly use
So I need a way for her select and play music in her room, but the catch is what ever device I use must not have internet access.


RE: Player recommendations - Norbert - 08-13-2019

If I understood correctly:

Take a regular (Android) smartphone and install for example the app "Hifi Cast & DLNA" from the playstore.
This app can search the library and play the music from moode.

Then block the smartphone in your router for the internet.

Regards Norbert