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Automated installation? - vilmann - 08-13-2019

I just installed Moode 6. it looks good - as always. I never managed to find time to install v5, but I've been running moode since v2.

I prefer all things to be automated. I can easily configure the OS part of Moode with a script or - even better - ansible.

But the Moode part always needs some configuration through the browser. Set the hostname. Define Audio output. Set options for squeezelite. And so on.

Is there a way to configure this from the commandline?

RE: Automated installation? - Tim Curtis - 08-14-2019

Have a look at the basic Setup instructions. The moodecfg.txt file only works on a fresh image but it does allow u to configure names and wifi options.

It could be enhanced to configure more options but I'd need to see some demand for this before adding to the TODO list.