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My DIY NOS R-2R DAC - bigbulb - 11-02-2019

[Image: DACs.jpg]
Nichicon Audio KA, Fine Gold, Wima caps, polystyrene caps....

My DIY NOSPI DAC.  None Oversampling AD1865 R2R , Hand soldering SMT is a real P.I.T.A especially the low noise power supply, measured 3mm X 2mm with 12 pads under it.

[Image: 12pin.jpg]

Video for this DAC:

Here's more info in my webpage :

RE: My DIY NOS R-2R DAC - TheOldPresbyope - 11-02-2019


Hand soldering SMT? That's really hardcore! Maybe in my youth but these days with my "mature" eyes and hands I'm lucky if I manage to plug circuit boards together without mis-aligning the connectors  Confused

Your results look great.


RE: My DIY NOS R-2R DAC ( video added ) - bigbulb - 11-02-2019

well, I'm not young anymore, I'm using a magnifying glass / a loupe (and my shaky hands)  . 
I finished up 5 units in 4 days, need a good rest before continue assemble the rest of boards.