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Playlist importer - alhazred - 11-30-2019

Hi all

I've been using Moode for the last month or so and am loving it.

However, one of my biggest gripes is how one uses playlists. I find it difficult to create playlists easily. Even loading playlists is a faff. More importantly, I have a very large music collection and would like to import playlists from my other music accounts. It would be amazing if we could import playlists from other systems. Then the system would scan yourmusic and add whatever it finds in your music collection.


RE: Playlist importer - duracell80 - 12-01-2019

I have been working on a package manager for radio lists and it can be used for general playlists.

Where are your playlists?

Playlist making for local media is pretty simple, by using a Windows or Mac Laptop and a text editor (search Google for M3U lists, these are the easiest format to write.

Moode supports some services but I guess there's no support for playlists on services, this would be a good thing to have. Like to login in with your YouTube account and see your lists in Moode. With "services" the thing is that a proxy needs building or APIĀ using that would go fetch the streams from that service and the service may need logins and have copy protected content. I have been working on a youtube-dl solution that could expand to other services like SoundCloud.

I would like to support in my scripts YouTube and SoundCloud playlists very soon.