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Turning display on/off - jurkodj - 12-02-2019

Hi guys,

I'm running moOde latest version built in an old CD player chassis with 3,5 display - I'm using CD players buttons as Play,Stop,Forward,Back to control moOde, which works like a charm. There is one button left - Open/Close CD tray. I want to use it to turn on/off display, can anybody help me how to do that? I tried to configure blank screen time, but it does not turn of the back light.

RE: Turning display on/off - DRONE7 - 12-02-2019

I don't know as regards your particular display but here is some info for rpi display and HDMI display... it may be a starting point for you.

RE: Turning display on/off - jurkodj - 12-06-2019

Thanks, after some searching I found out my display does not support this. Maybe HW switch to connect/disconnect power to the display.