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Remarkable post on diyAudio 'bout audiophile DACs - TheOldPresbyope - 01-22-2020

Did anyone else happen to catch Soundcheck's remarkable post on diyAudio, Do we still need "audiophile" USB gadgets and bridges?" 

If you are a longtime reader of diyAudio, you know how critical and skeptical Soundcheck is, which is why I find this post and replies so remarkable.

As it happens, last year I bought the KTB he mentions. I was super impressed at the sound I got for US$100 but candidly I was reticent to say how good I thought it was because I haven't had audiophile ears for decades---age and noise exposure do that to one.[1] I don't hear, for example, evidence of the ESS "hump" that people get so worked up about. I do still have a musical ear, though, and can't make it through the day without listening to an old favorite or a new find.

Not trying to start a flame war here about DACs. I just like the takeaway from Soundcheck's post. It's getting easier and easier to get great sound with a minimal number of components at a reasonable cost. 

I can't wait to see (hear?) what happens next.


[1] I've had to walk back the one negative thing I said about it...that it didn't support hardware volume control for DSD. That's a harder technical problem for USB DACs than I appreciated at the time. I still think it can be solved but I can live without it, if for no other reason than I just can't get excited about buying DSD remasters of everything I've already ripped from my CD collection.

RE: Remarkable post on diyAudio 'bout audiophile DACs - Malefoda - 01-23-2020

I admit it takes a lot of work (or money) to get a tad better sounding DAC. Money in speakers is a far better option Wink

RE: Remarkable post on diyAudio 'bout audiophile DACs - cryptout - 01-24-2020

Yes the new USB DAC's are much much better in cleaning the signal and hence have lower jitter now. I think the Topping D50s is one of the best price / quality wise at the moment. If you hook it up to a Pi4 you should have a great streamer. I bought a Allo USBridge Sig but to be honest it's probably not worth the money and a Pi4 would have been smarter. If you are a hardcore ASR fan (I enjoy the forum) a $9 Apple Dongle DAC should sound be all you ever need but I don't (want to) believe that.

RE: Remarkable post on diyAudio 'bout audiophile DACs - DRONE7 - 01-24-2020

(01-24-2020, 05:53 AM)cryptout Wrote: Apple Dongle DAC
Low hanging fruit ?? Wink Smile Big Grin