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Just wanted to say thanks - Antitainer - 02-09-2020


I'm a very new moode user and so far my experience has been flawless.
I began my journey with PiCore-Player, which didn't quite work very well with my Pi 4. After that I tried Max2play and I was able to get it running, but none of the features I've needed worked out of the box with the Pi 4.
Bluetooth is not working, Spotify Connect is only working with Squeezelite and everything has to be worked around to get it running on the Pi 4 - On top I had to frequently reboot the Pi 4, because it became stuck or stopped working after one track on Spotify.

Then someone on a forum suggested moode and I just put it on an SD and I hadn't much hope for getting a better result, but it was smooth sailing.
Hooking up to wireless was easy, getting Spotify, Bluetooth, Airplay and my external USB Dac up and running was done by a few simple clicks on toggle switches and now everything is stable and hasslefree.
No dabbling with extensions or plug-ins within extensions - Very good implantation of all the basic tools and I like the ease of the initial setup. 

Great job guys and girls and I will donate some bucks to a team that seems to outperform paid services.