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Music library doesn´t update - Raziel16786 - 02-09-2020

Hi there.

I installed Moode on an 128 GB SD-Card, expanded the system and copied my music to the folder \\MOODEIP\SDCard\Daniel\, but even with re-gen or update MPD Database, restart and re-powering it doesn´t show my music. It still shows the audio-test-track, which i already have deleted. 
DLNA-Database shows 10780 audiofiles. 
What am i doing wrong?
It´s the actual version 6.4.1, it´s up to date, you can see it on the pictures.
I also tried to search this problem on Forum, but didn´t find any toping that sound familiar.

Hope someone has an idea.



EDIT: I coudn´t upload a textfile, so here´s a link to the System-Parameter with log:
System Parameter

RE: Music library doesn´t update - Raziel16786 - 02-10-2020

I found the problem.
I activated 64bit-kernel. After changing it back to 32 bit and regen/update MPD-Database, the library now shows my music.

RE: Music library doesn´t update - Tim Curtis - 02-10-2020

A quick test on one of my Pi's with 64-bit kernel and no issues with db update.

If it happens again examine the MPD log

cat /var/log/mpd/log