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How do I transfer songs to pi over network? - ryan14 - 05-05-2020

Sorry, noob here,

I just got Moode running today on a pi 4. I got Spotify running and played some mp3s off a USB drive (my flac files give an error but that's for another thread).

My question is if it's possible to transfer files from my pc to the sd card in the pi over the network. I've messed around with Filezilla but I don't know what to do.

Thanks guys

RE: How do I transfer songs to pi over network? - vinnn - 05-05-2020

Yep, Moode has an SMB share that should already be available for you to connect to from your PC, use your file manager to find Moode on the network and connect to it.
Alternatively you can enable the ssh term server in Moode's settings which will enable you to transfer files over ssh/scp/sftp using a tool like winscp on Windows, Filezilla on Windows and MacOS or the standard file manager on most Linux distros.

Although the ideal use case for a network player is for you to have your media on some network attached storage that your player can access over the network, putting your media on the SD card means that when it comes to reflashing the card or the card wearing out you lose your media too so it's not really the ideal place to keep your music collection.

RE: How do I transfer songs to pi over network? - kurek - 05-24-2020

I had this problem.. well, still have it. Perhaps someone will read this and either learn from my experience or be able to help?

I have a Windows 10 machine, fairly clean OS (new last month) and was not able to initially find the Moode device on the network, then remembered I have to enable smb1 in windows.

So I enabled smb and now I can see that the Moode device exists in windows (the network file manager thing.. sorry I'm not a particularly savvy user here) but I cannot actually access it at all. Double click, windows says it cannot access \\MOODE .

On a whim I went to my old laptop which I had long ago set up to access an apple time capsule (smb1) and it goes straight into the Moode over the network, transfers files, etc.

I have been trying to figure out what's configured differently between the two machines and all the network settings are identical, but I'm not adept enough at Windows networking to knwo everywhere to check.

Anyway this is something I'd like to solve so if anyone has tips, I'm all ears. If I solve the problem in the next few days I'll post up the solution because I also hate it when I find 1000 threads on a problem I'm having and not one of them marked with the past tense version of the word solve .