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Thank you and a request! - ted209 - 06-13-2020

Firstly I want to say thank you - Moode is absolutely brilliant.  I've been using it for a month now and it's the best audio player by a long way!

A few small specific things that Moode does that makes using it so great to use:
 - Sort by album date!  It makes much more sense than alphabetic sorting
 - Para EQ - I have a severe low frequency resonance in my (square) room, which is easy to filter out with the para EQ
 - Support for albumartist/"various artists"
 - The random album function - I usually listen to albums, not individual tracks, so this is brilliant, I use it all the time!

One feature I would like is a clean maximised full screen cover art view, to make the most of high quality album art.
In fact, I hacked away at the code to achieve what I wanted (see attached image), but I'm an amateur and probably broke stuff in the process, so it would be nice to have this properly included.

Thanks again!

RE: Thank you and a request! - Tim Curtis - 06-14-2020

What screen res is being shown in the image?

I don't think that layout would work on 4:3 displays (iPad, etc) cos it would obscure the play controls.

RE: Thank you and a request! - ted209 - 06-14-2020

It's 2560 x 1440

I actually intended to remove all controls from this clean cover art view, but hadn't got round to it yet!

RE: Thank you and a request! - Tim Curtis - 06-14-2020

Ah, just the cover. That could be doable.