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SDTV output - krispyrice9 - 09-03-2018

I was having trouble getting video output on the composite SDTV port of my raspberry pi B. I found that worker.php was issuing "tvservice -p" at startup, negating anything I tried with /etc/rc.local to manipulate the tv output.
By commenting this out as in
 the composite output worked okay.

RE: SDTV output - Tim Curtis - 09-03-2018

Curious, what's your usage scenario for composite TV?

RE: SDTV output - DELGADEIN - 04-03-2020

hello, this works for me.
In my case I'm going to use a 4-inch video screen, it is perfect for my project.

RE: SDTV output - krispyrice9 - 04-03-2020

(09-03-2018, 02:27 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Curious, what's your usage scenario for composite TV?
Whoops, somehow missed this reply until DELGADEIN bumped the thread. For small screens on embedded projects, there aren't a lot of good affordable options with HDMI. There are some affordable small GPIO-based screens like Adafruit's piTFT, but they consume several pins. On the other hand, there's plenty of cheap composite screens out there for scavenge or purchase. My project involved hiding a 6" screen behind an antique radio's display glass. The viewing setup was intentionally sub-optimal, so composite signal fidelity was plenty good.