Thank you for your donation!

New Music!
Thank you Tim, it looks great! Which just reminded me it's time for new donation...
Thank you for the new featureSmile
Thank you Tim.
Thanks Tim, just what I have been looking for.
Im not sure what I'm doing wrong but when ever I press the filter icon I get a refresh and no changes to the album sort. Im trying to figure out a way to see newly added albums. I also don't see the option for how far back to consider "new".

Release Information
Release: 6.3.0 2019-10-02 View relnotes
Setup guide: View guide
Coding: Tim Curtis © 2014 Moode Audio, Twitter
Contributors: View contributors
License: View GPLv3
Platform Information
Raspbian: 10.1
Linux kernel: 4.19.75-v7l+ #1270
Platform: Pi-4B 1GB
Architecture: armv7l
MPD version: 0.20.23

Menu, Configure, Library
EDIT Library Options
(11-15-2019, 12:17 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Menu, Configure, Library
EDIT Library Options

Im dumb, and thanks for your help. I must have looked at that menu 10 times and did not notice the "Edit" in the Library section.

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