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Allo USBridge Signature

Nice :-)

No need to edit MPD config just to switch between USB and I2S because the MPD config file is automatically updated during moOde start up. There are some preferred Katana settings in MPD config so you may want to edit it anyway.

To switch to Katana:

1. Set I2S audio device to "Allo Katana DAC"
2. Reboot
3. Open MPD config
- set Volume control to "Hardware"
- set DSD over PCM to "Yes"

Thank you, so in effect the re-boot takes care of the MPD config change - I’d assumed re-boot was always necessary.
Correct. Reboot alway necessary when changing between USB and I2S.

Let me get this straight...
The Allo USBridge Signature is an expensive replacement for the RPi 3B+/4 board, especially designed for audio purposes with extremely low noise values, assuming you also use special powering like the Shanti PS.

It is supposed to work with any DAC that fits on a RPi. So in that case I can disassemble my Katana, throw away the RPi 3B+ (as a matter of speech), and replace it with the USBridge Signature board, right? What about the Isolator board, can I leave it on or do I also toss it away?

So, for about $500 or €450 extra (Sig + PS) I can have something that improves the quality of my music, but since I'm already way past half my life, I'm not gonna hear it after all?

Sounds crazy, but I love it :-)

Is there still an affiliate program running between TC and Allo?

The affiliate program was ok but but it required a bit of time and maintenance on my end, and most people just buy from Amazon or Allo direct anyway so I decided to thrift it :-)

Actually the USBridge SIG is an incredible value considering what you get. The genius in the design was to use the CM3+ Lite and a uSD slot. This allowed the platform to be widely accessible to DIY and Open Source audio community. This is in contrast to expensive, closed OEM systems that use CM3 based boards.

You can use the Katana stack with or w/o the Isolator board. If you read the diyAudio threads you will find that some enthusiasts prefer the Isolator while others don't. I run w/o the Isolator.

I'm not experienced in power supplies but according to Allo the Shanti LPS is also a terrific value compared to other LPS's of similar capabilities and specs.

This is an exciting time to be in this space even if you are past the midpoint, lol ;-)

Hi Tim, I was just going to ask about the isolator as I was looking at the images you posted and couldn’t see it in your setup so thanks for confirming. I was trying to figure out whether, in the case of the SIG the power is better going to the SIG board rather than the isolator in any case. Power is from a Shanti so all clean.

edit: had confirmation that if Isolator is present then connect 3A of Shanti to that.
Hi Tim, what is your opinion on sound quality if comparing the USBridge SIG versus a Raspberry Pi?
I'm in the process of building a low noise power supply for my Pi, and also considering changing over to the USBridge SIG.

Thanks, JB
I'll have to leave SQ reviews up to others that are more experienced in doing these types of evaluations, but if low noise and clean power are what you are trying to achieve then SIG would seem to a perfect fit :-)
Well the only way to find out is to give it a go ;-)
Just placed an order for one and we'll see how it turns out!
(10-03-2019, 02:37 PM)JohnnyBravo Wrote: Well the only way to find out is to give it a go ;-)
Just placed an order for one and we'll see how it turns out!

Hi JohnnyBravo

Please inform everyone of your findings   (good or ..bad)

 Usbridge Sig was designed not to compete...but to be the best of the best USB streamers on the market . The lower price (compared with competitors) reflects our costs and was not designed to have a "premium" audiophile tax

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