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Am I pushing the database too far?
(11-22-2019, 11:57 PM)bobfa Wrote: At Least my Hoarding Habit does not take up physical space.

Oof. Low blow!  I try to keep my significant other from going in the basement. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

8 tracks or 80,000 tracks, I hope you have implemented a good backup process.

There is a master data set on the main computer that is backed up to two separate local systems. There is a working copy on the NAS. There is a backup in Backblaze and are two vault copies offsite.

Thanks for the concerns..

O.T. Not a low blow. My basement is a mess of stuff also. We have helped several friends and families move and downsize. We are not going to put ourselves or others through that. The is a slow exit of excess stuff out of our house.
(11-22-2019, 04:02 AM)bobfa Wrote: The control apps I am using seem to have a variety of issues.  

I am using MConnect HD on my ipad and samsung tablets.  Bubble on an android phone.  Mconnect on my iPhone.

My library is on a QNAP 450 series NAS on the same wired network.  

MConnect is almost intolerable as it seems to reload the database over and over and over.  I am using Plex on the QNAP should I try something else for UPnP there?

I do not think I should put a drive on the USBridge Sig.  I think Ioan suggested that was a bad idea.

Mconnect does not do that on any of my installs, I also see you've made reference elsewhere to having artwork display issues too, I don't have that problem either with Mconnect (neither iOS or Android), nor on Bubble, or UAPP on Android either.

I think for sure this is going to be related to the Plex server, but it's too many years ago since I ditched Plex to make any real comment, except to say that the DLNA/UPnP servers I run including JRiver, and AssetUPnP don't exhibit those problems you are describing, and so I think they are server side issues rather than control point issues.

I don't use a NAS but know a few folks that do, you'd likely be best off with something like MinimServer there.

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