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Cracks inside track
i have this setup:
RPI 3A+ / HiFiBerry DAC+ PRO / moode 6.4.1

in following video you can hear cracks on beginning of track

similar cracks/pops is present when: stop/play, skipping track, change volume from 0 <> 1, mute/unmute.

this is definitely not a idea of Hi-Fi music... lol... ;(

can help me somebody?
Symptoms suggest a hardware issue. Try swapping in a different Pi, DAC board, PSU, etc

And be sure to only use stock moOde 641 without any modifications.
Hi, PSU is not the problem, in beginning i try power from battery, stock 641 (but same behavior is on 640),
unfortunately i do not have another rpi/dac.

this do not happen on every track (my gues iss 1 of 20) and is track specific.

I tested hifiberryos too, and there is cracks only between tracks, skipping, mute/unmute, not in track itself.
but this distro is unusable for me, missing lot of stuff Sad
Pops, snaps and tearing noises during playback is primarily a DAC issue caused by clocking or jitter problems. Specifically, when changing tracks and you hear a noise whenever the DAC switches between sample rates the DAC or the driver is usually to blame.
A quick search pulls up many reports of this DAC board having audible clocking issues.

A couple of ways to relieve the snapping sounds could be to enable resampling in Moode's audio settings which can force the DAC to stick to a specific clock/sample rate. You could also try to increase mpd's buffer in case your network is problematic this is under [Configure] > [MPD] > [Audio Buffers], try doubling the value. Ultimately its seems your DAC is the most likely culprit.
I play with this last week without bigger success, resampling to 24/192 does not help, maybe i can test other settings before i trow this DAC from window,
increaseing buffer does not help too, for fun i test slave=on option too ... does not help Smile
today i buy some cheap usb soundcard with CM6533 with hope for better results and later another DAC.

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