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Radio Paradise
We seem to be straying from the original question. 

If Tim wishes the predefined moOde radio directory to be a showcase of stations which meet criteria such as free of advertising, music of interest to his users, and replete with streaming metadata, so be it. Any user can add stations to their directory, and when @duracell80 releases his code any user will have tools fully to curate their own, custom collection out of whatever they find on the Internet.

Meanwhile, I note that Radio Paradise is publishing endpoints which return now-playing information. See, e.g., for the default channel and (where n=1,2,3) for various channels. 

In quick tests, I'm left uncertain just how synchronized these endpoints are with the streams, or even which goes with which stream, but it's what ya do with what ya got. An enterprising coder could create a Radio Paradise handler for moOde and submit a PR to Tim (analogously to the Radio Paradise plugin someone created for another MPD-based music player). 

OTOH, the random posts to the RP forum suggest to me that all these new streams are in a state of flux, so I personally wouldn't invest any time writing code for them.

Upmpdci maintainer has some useful code for RP
Code is up at

Just install and navigate to the urls given. PR is in with Tim. Community Radio Browser is hit and miss so I added bulk add stations and import export via zip to and from the DB.

If the radio paradise urls are missing from radio browser add them ... And tag well.!/add

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Would love RP as a default, couldn't you use a 320k aac or mp3 stream which includes meta info:
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This station in moOde uses this URL
why worry about lossless audio quality when we can have metadata instead lol

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