Thank you for your donation!

Just perfect, thank you!
Moode is just perfect for my little network streamer project! The software works great with my Raspberry Pi 4 and my Hifiberry Digi+ Pro. Finally, I can access my FLAC/MP3 music collection over the network and play it on my stereo system. The sound is just fantastic. The interface looks really good on desktop computers and smartphones. Even on a 4K TV Moode is fully operational. But the flawless support really is the cherry on the cake! I'm so happy that I skipped the expensive streamer hardware/software and directly found this wonderful solution.

Many thanks to the Moode Team! Heart

Here are some things I stumbled upon during configuration:
  • localization: other languages would be great
  • options: maybe you could add more detailed options to the configuration menu (e.g. user-defined number of tracks automatically added during auto-shuffle); editing with nano is somewhat annoying Angel
  • hardware/software volume: maybe it is possible to change this automatically for specific hardware. The Digi+ Pro, for example, didn't work with the standard configuration.
  • for newbies like me it would be great to have a guide for the initial configuration, this could be done with a questionnaire which links directly to the respective options

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