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Tidal I am confused
(08-16-2019, 01:54 AM)Norbert Wrote: @vilmann
> => Whenever I leave the house and comes back it's a nightmare to reconnect.
> What? When I come home my phone automatically switches from mobile data connection to wifi. Or do you mean Bluetooth?
> => Further I'm not convinced that my phone is the best piece of audio equipment
> It does not have to. You can/should use it as a control for moode

Agree. Things have changed a lot since I tried this.

I just installed Bubble UPNP again. I'm still not impressed. It's incredibly slow. In the middle of a song it decides to skip to the next song. In some aspects the interface is slightly better than LMS. But it's way too slow.

There is a Linn app that does the same thing?

> => LMS requires another computer.
> No, I have LMS (for testing) installed on the same RasPi running the client / renderer, without any problems.

yes - of course you can. But squeezelite is a threaded application. Unlike MPD it likes CPU-cores. The more the better. If you run LMS on the same cores it will occupy ressources that are better used for squeezelite. Of course it will play, but you can actually hear if Squeezelite runs only on one core. the sound is flat and boring.

LMS can stay on my basement server - or another RPi. Smile


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