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Car install
(04-14-2020, 02:58 PM)Big G Wrote: I am close to having a working car player using Moode, for mp3's only. I am not able to use the radio stations due to no wifi capabilities in the vehicle, but I see no reason that wouldn't work.
I am using a Pi4 (4gig version, which is over-kill),  7 inch Pi touch screen, HiFi Berry DAC,  Mausberry car switch to control clean startup and shutdown of the Pi when the car is started or shutoff.
So far, everything is working on the bench as expected. The case I am using to house the 7 inch touch screen was ordered from Amazon. I don't know how that is going to hold up with the temperature that builds up inside a car.
For starters, I am gonna feed the audio into a Aux port on the vehicle but I may be able to use bluetooth and eliminate the audio cable.
Still a work in progress, but I should have it installed in the vehicle shortly.


Very interesting, Gary. Please keep us informed!

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