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Thank you for your donation!

Idea: I wonder....would this work...what use would it have ?
PXE boot moOde and dispense with sd-cards ??

So,    the Raspberry Pi site has this server boot software allowing an x86 device to serve selected o/s to any number of networked Pi sans sd card....

and the configuration allows some stock o/s' ....Raspbian and Raspbian lite.....
[Image: software-500x389.png]
and an o/s can also be used from a local tar.xz file.....

Wiser minds than mine will know how to convert the moOde image  .... and especially the saved running moode image Wink ... to a tar.xz file...

Though this cloud service seems to be able to for a fee....

So if it all works as expected a central x86 server could start moOde on any Pi plugged in and switched on from the local network...?

Kent ???  comments ?

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I wonder....would this work...what use would it have ? - by DRONE7 - 08-23-2019, 06:19 AM

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