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What is the Preamp mode introduced in 5.3??

I've been using Moode for a while now but have skipped a few releases - on the release notes for 5.3 it says:

This release includes a new Preamp mode for Audiophonics 9028/9038 DAC and HiFiberry DAC+ADC

Does this 'Preamp mode' enable the on-chip volume control on the Audiophonics 9028/9038 so that the volume control in Moode operates without resorting to the usual software volume control and therefore you don't need a preamp?

Does it only work with the Audiophonics 9028/9038 boards or will it work with other boards that use those Sabre DAC chips??



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What is the Preamp mode introduced in 5.3?? - by ken300 - 08-23-2019, 08:32 PM

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