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Don't fall for click bait on our forum
If you have registered as a user in the moOde Forum you know we have a rudimentary process in place to try to weed out spammers. No system is perfect and a few spammers slip through registration each week. It may take minutes or hours for one of the forum moderators to notice/delete their posts and purge their account.

So, as in all things Internet, be alert and don't fall for click bait. 

Almost without fail, a spam post is the first from a newly registered user, so don't overlook the statistics in the left column under the username (Posts:1, Joined: <today> is an earmark). 

Sometimes the wording of the title or the message makes the intent obvious. 

Sometimes the message is almost credible and the links themselves has to be examined---like one this morning which displayed "" but which actually pointed to a bogus Macafee site in the .me domain.

We try to keep the forum clean and safe but there are few of us and many of them, so stay sharp, don't click indiscriminately, and don't forget to report suspicious posts to bring them to our attention.


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