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(12-01-2019, 07:58 AM)CallMeMike Wrote:
(11-30-2019, 11:42 PM)dpenny Wrote:
(10-30-2019, 08:00 AM)CallMeMike Wrote:
(10-29-2019, 06:23 PM)dpenny Wrote: I am new to RPi and HIFI NAS music servers, and trying to decide on what "player" (server) to use.

Toward that end, is there someplace or web page where I can see/view/try the Moode player UI? or a demo download that works on Win7/10?


How can you 'decide' which player to choose if you don't try a few (install, play/listen, check features, etc.)...?

Can you elaborate on 'HIFI NAS servers'...? When it comes to NAS most people either buy commercial ready-made offerings or the d.i.y-oriented few crop up a computer of some sort running a suitable NAS/server OS either as a standalone or in Virtual Machine mode. What would a WiFi NAS server entail...?

re "decide:" 1)I was hoping for a mock-up demo of the UI that I could view on a Win7 PC. 2)Iwas alos hoping to find enough info about "playlists" so that my conversion service (CD > USB stick) could add key words that I could then use in search/building playlists.

re "HIFI NAS:" I have come to realize that I prob do not need a NAS, just 20-30GB on a USB stick.

My newest (maybe dumb) Q involves moode vs. MPD.  I guess moode is a wrap for MPD? It is not at all clear what moode adds to MPD.


So... MoOde runs on Raspberry Pi SBC ONLY. One can view/use the features either connecting remotely via an Internet browser (in Windows, LinuxOSx, iOS, Android) or directly. A wrap for MPD...? It is much more than this. Why don't you head onto the MoOde website ( )  and see for yourself, amongst other 'things', the wanted 'mock-up' of the UI under various stages of use...?

But... you're saying << re "HIFI NAS:" I have come to realize that I prob do not need a NAS, just 20-30GB on a USB stick  >> Taking into account that running MoOde (or other Linux-based SBC) will require a financial layout, modest for one RPi/power supply set (and producing a quite modest sound though) but rising noticibly in the case of RPi/Digital Analogue Converter/two or more PSUs kits (for a very good sound), and considering that you plan to listen to a small tunes library stored on a flash memory stick wouldn't it be easier to play your choice of music on the computer you're already running the inbuilt software audio player...?

THX for responses & thoughts....

I guess my prime goal wasn't clear.  I want to sit in my LvRm chair and listen/scroll through my CD collection without having to a) get up, b) have any PC or Laptop running, c) hear the sounds via my 1980s hi-fi setup. I had been advised via private eMail from some forum (not this one) guru who said he has built dozens of variations of RPi music players that MoOde was the way to go for me. That's why I am here with these posts & Qs.


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