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mpd not outputting native DSD to Fiio DAC
Hi guys,

Been using my Pi3 with a Allo Boss 1.2 DAC on my main HiFi for a couple of years, to be honest the DAC is some orders of magnitude below the level of the rest of the system but it's been good enough for the time being. Lately I've been getting itchy for a more suitable DAC which I'll be wanting to connect to the Pi via USB.
With this is mind I thought I'd get round to playing about with one of my portable USB DAC/headphone amps hooked up to the Pi, just to see it working with DAC over USB. It's a Fiio Q1 MkII which supports 32/384PCM and upto DSD256 natively. Works and sounds pretty brilliant in comparision to the Boss so it might stay for now but that's another thing.

Problem is mpd isn't outputting native DSD to the DAC, this is immediately clear as the DAC has a DSD indicator light which isn't lighting up. This works fine when playing DSD with USB Audio Player Pro on Android for example.

In Moode's MPD Config screen, Volume Control, DSD over PSM and SoX resampling are disabled.
MPD's documentation for DSD doesn't bring up any gotchas either.

This is what Audio Info shows when playing some DSD 128.

Audio information
Input / Output
Source:      NAS/Music/Jazz, Funk/Louis Armstrong - Mack The Knife (1952-2017) [DSD128]/09-High Society Calypso.dsf
Encoded at:      DSD128, 1 bit, 11.288 Mbps Stereo
Decoded to:      PCM, 32 bit, 384 kHz, Stereo, 24.576 Mbps
Destination:      Local
Output rate:      32 bit, 384 kHz, Stereo, 24.576 Mbps
DSP operations
Volume ctl:      
Resampling:      off
Polarity inv:      off
Crossfade:      off
Crossfeed:      off
Parametric EQ:      off
Graphic EQ:      off
Replaygain:      off
Normalize vol:      off
Chip options:      None
Audio Device
Device:      USB audio device
Interface:      USB
Formats:      U8, S16_LE
Platform:      Pi-3B 1GB v1.2

So is this mpd? alsa? Does anyone have any advice or tips for where to look next?

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