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Solved: Khadas Tone Board - Tune Sound quality
Hi Massimo,

There are two schools of thought on software and SQ. Some believe that tweaking the OS and audio player software produces audible improvements in SQ and some feel that it does not. I really don't know for sure but the real challenge is that even if tweaks and modifications somehow change the characteristics of the sound i don't know of any empirical way to measure the quality of the sound to determine whether it's undergone some sort of improvement.

That leaves the ultimate determination up to each individual listeners own ears and mind. Some audiophiles prefer sound that has some amount of distortion present in the signal and others prefer sound thats as distortion free as possible.

As far as driver settings go, the Linux kernel USB audio driver has some but they are not well documented. They pop up occasionally in some of the posts in the Linux kernel repos.  I don't have a list and so cannot be any help.

The Linux OS itself has a zillion settings and there are all sorts "audio tweaks" posted by users in various Forums. The tweaks fall into two general categories: (1) Reduce resource utilization and give higher scheduler priority to audio tasks, and (2) Reduce frequency and voltage of CPU and RAM, turn the LEDS off, etc to try and lower electrical noise and EMI.

I don't know of these approaches work but some users feel that that they do.


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