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Solved: Khadas Tone Board - Tune Sound quality
Hi, Massimo.

What Tim said Smile

As a footnote, it seems you were misled by the fact that Khadas provides a driver for Windows. It's easy to imagine using this custom driver will necessarily result in enhanced audio quality. 

Actually, this driver is necessary because the generic Windows USB 2.0 Audio Driver doesn't support all the functions implemented in the KTB. For example, the generic driver doesn't support a complete set of audio formats nor does it support clock selection. The KTB driver is based on the Thesyscon USB Audio 2.0 Class Driver which does. In particular, it supports direct DSD through ASIO.

Thesyscon represents that "the audio class driver is optimized for low latency and low CPU load." Just remember they are making an implicit comparison to the generic Windows driver. We have no idea how it compares to the Raspbian/Linux audio subsystem. Which brings us back to Tim's remarks about tweaks.


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