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Solved: Khadas Tone Board - Tune Sound quality
I apologize in advance for my imprecise and non-competent considerations and in any way I don't wish to diminish MoOde vs Foobar; simply as you explained to me they are two different environments.

Unfortunately it is objective for me that in my system Foobar with Windows  reproduces the flac with more detail.

So my goal is if possible to get the same sound output that I had in the past because I absolutely want to use MoOde as an audiophile player.

Considering that the KTB Dac I use is correctly configured in MoOde, do you think it is possible to act on the hardware to improve quality using, for example, RPI 4 or by installing a HIFIBERRY DIGI + PRO card on the RPI 3 or other solutions ?


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RE: Khadas Tone Board - Tune Sound quality - by happymax - 11-26-2019, 12:13 PM

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