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Solved: Khadas Tone Board - Tune Sound quality


I had the problem of background noise both with RPI3+ and with RPI4 4 gb and a power supply Allo therefore of good quality than with one purchased on amazon specific for RB4. 
I solved the problem using a Samsung A40 mobile phone power supply that I still use today.

To solve the problem of sound quality I replaced RPI3 with RPI4 and at the same time I installed Moode 6.4 (on RPI3 I used version 6.3). So I don't know if installing Moode 6.4 on RPI3 I would have solved it anyway.

Now with Moode 6.4 on RPI4, Khadas board and a simply Samsung A40 mobile phone power supply the sound quality is perfect in my hifi system.



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RE: Khadas Tone Board - Tune Sound quality - by happymax - 02-17-2020, 02:49 PM

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