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Sonic boom when switch DSD playing
(05-21-2018, 10:02 AM)dlai10 Wrote:  at Most cases, ES9018 can use automatic identification,when PCM->DSD, only need use XMOS to handle it,it can do 
switch without noise。but due to DSD128 is equal to PCM352.8 or PCM384,and when ES9018 play song higher than 192K need bypass FIR,here MCU need pass XMOS and introduce DSD/PCM(0: PCM, 1Big GrinSD)、/FIR(0:enanle FIR, 1:bypass FIR) 2 signals to do fast identification and configuration.

I check the XMOS, it seems to be USB chip, I use RPi3 + X4000, play DSD by Ethernet SMB, so may not
be related. However, when I swicth PCM ( mp3, flac ) to DSD or switch back, switch DSD to DSD, I got Boom,
currently I use HW volume control between DAC and AMP to reduce the boom.

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