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Solved: How to connect to specific WiFi BSSID?
(12-11-2019, 05:44 PM)Leigh Wrote: Thanks Kent,
Just a simple repeater/AP plug in to mains thingy (D-Link DAP 1365), and that networking stuff is beyond me
Thanks for the info about the BSSID though.
No ethernet on my RPi Zero's but I can take the card out and edit the file
For now, though I am going to be lazy and leave the thing where it picks up the downstairs router!
Thanks again´

That's not being lazy. It's prioritizing your efforts Smile

I have no experience with any vendor's WiFi range extenders. I have always assumed that using them wouldn't be much different from my using a full-function access point in bridge mode but you know what they say about *assume*!

Here's a line from the generic WiFi range extender explanation on the Linksys site which I think may be alluding to the BSSID issue but I could be wrong.

Quote:Pay attention to your device settings when using a range extender, though. You might not think it, but your home WiFi device will remain connected to your router until you manually switch over to your range extender network, even if your range extender is in closer proximity to your device than your router. Advances in range extender technology ... are underway to automate this process so that the switching happens “behind the scenes” without the user having to do any work.


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