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Moode 6.4 on raspberry pi 4 with Beocreate
(01-02-2020, 11:16 PM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote: Seems to me this is the wrong forum for questions about the Beocreate 4 amplifier's output. I suggest you ask them on the HiFiBerry forum.

According to a post from HiFiBerry I found on their forum, at full volume the DAC can output 2V with a 500 ohm load. That's what moOde will drive it to at 100-percent software volume and is at the upper end of the typical range of DACs. Should be fine.

If with that you're suffering low volume from your system then IMHO the problem lies in what's downstream of the DAC. 

Maybe you have the wrong DSP software installed. Quoting from

Quote:To use the Beocreate 4 channel amplifier with a 3rd party software, you first need to install a DSP program using the Beocreate software or SigmaStudio. After writing the software to the DSP and the EEPROM, the board will start up even without additional Beocreate software on the system (and even standalone without a Raspberry Pi connected).

In this context, moOde is a 3rd party software which knows nothing about loading Beocreate DSP software. You have to get the necessary info from HiFiBerry.

Maybe your Beocreate 4 and your speakers are mismatched.  I can find no technical specifications of any value in judging this.

Either way, I suggest you ask your questions on the HiFiBerry forum.


Thanks Kent, You are right that this really is a Hifiberry issue...

It was the DSP program installed onto the DSP at the factory (it is only for testing apparently). After installing/enabling hifiberry-dsp, I was able to update the DSP program to allow me to continue to use Moode...

I've been using the Hifiberry Amp2/DAC without issue in Moode, and thought it would be similar, and just work...

But, installing the I can now update the DSP without having to boot into HifiberryOS. Win for Moode!

Thanks again,

Scott K.

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