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Solved: Update or Re-Gen MPD Database from Command Line
(12-15-2019, 07:47 PM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote:
(12-15-2019, 05:55 PM)suzywong Wrote: On a slightly related topic, is it possible within the moode GUI to send a “broadcast” Update/Regen to multiple RPi on the LAN? Or do they have to be updated individually?  (Similarly, for “update/regen covers”).

Interesting thought. 

Certainly, technically it's feasible. A moOde player can detect other moOde players on the same LAN (see the code behind m>players) and mpc can take a -h <host> option. 

Is this a high-priority use case though? It would need more front-end and back-end code to be written. As Tim remarked elsewhere, "[O]ur project needs additional developers to code and test all these nice ideas otherwise they will just gather dust because the TODO list is already way under funded."

Don't know what is meant by "update/regen covers”.

Point 1. 
High priority? Nope. 
Nice to have? Yes, why not. Add to the todo list?

Point 2.
Configure/Library/Update Album Cover Thumbnail cache

I have occasionally found that having added a new CD to the database, the thumbnail does not show up on the (what I call) “iTunes songs screen”. So I have got into the habit of following a database update (to add a new CD) with an update to the thumbnails cache. Probably something related to my system configuration but, hey, it works for me!

Maybe another option would be to force a thumbnail cache update automatically following a database update?

But none of this is critical Smile

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