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Solved: Setting the root of uPnP music source in Moode
I have a small media server which is actually a copy of Moode running on an rPi, with a 3TB hard drive. The drive is shared by Samba and uPnP.

I am setting up a music source in Moode on my other, main rPi, The music source will allow this Pi to use the music files from the above small media server.   I can do it using uPnP or Samba.   The issue is that the music folders and files on the server are in a subdirectory, and there is other stuff on the same drive.

If I use Samba to create the music source, I can manually edit the path being mounted to include the subdirectory that actually contains the music.  This results in a clean structure in the mpd library under the NAS entry.

If I create a music source using uPnP, there is an extra level in the structure which shows the the other non-relevent directories, looks messy, and means more clicks every time to get to the music.

My first question is, what are the pros and cons of using Samba vs uPnP?  If There's no difference, or Samba is actually better, then I will just use Samba.  If however, uPnP is better (quicker of whatever), then is there a way to configure it, either at the server end or the when creating the music source at the player end, that will eliminate the unwanted structure?  If there isn't,  and uPnP is still more desirable, then I could even move the extra data from the drive, although I'd rather not as I have other uses for it via the Samba share.

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Setting the root of uPnP music source in Moode - by inthemoode - 01-15-2020, 06:37 AM

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