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UPNP client configuration difficulties
I've been playing with setting up Moode as a UPNP client rather than an SMB client.  I'm using Moode 6.4 on two different Pi 3 B+.  One has a Hifiberry DAC+, the other a Hifiberry Digi+.  One is in a bedroom, the other in a bathroom.  Both get a strong network signal in the neighborhood of -50 dBm.  Both have problems with sluggish performance--screen freezes--using SMB.   I currently use 128 GB SSDs and local displays.  Things were somewhat worse using a micro-SD card and a tablet or phone.   The music is on a QNAP NAS. I'm using the QNAP provided DLNA server and MinimServer.  

I set up the UPNP client and browser.  When I create a source, roughly 8 times out of 10 the scan does not detect the DLNA server on the NAS.  Other UPNP client devices have no problems seeing the DLNA servers. When it does detect the server it will scan most of the first directory and quit.  It seems to lose track of the DLNA server.   I've tried running only the UPNP source as well as SMB and UPNP.   I organize music by directory structure.  My directory structure is /genre/artist/album. I have very little use for tags.  I have about 50K files although a lot of those are movements of classical pieces. 

I hope I've missed something simple and obvious.

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