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Moode stopping randomly
(02-07-2020, 08:09 PM)Schaffer Wrote: Hi,
I'm experiencing moode randomly stopping and a buzzing sound when playing music. 
Not sure if this is a faulty pi, power supply or a moode issue.

Using moOde 6.4.1 on Pi-4B 4GB v1.1

When it happens there is no red light on the Pi but I can ssh in to get the logs.
After a reboot everything is fine until the next time this happens. Could be hours or it could be 10 minutes.

Given the red light is off but I can ssh in to the logs I'm wondering if this is a brownout issue. 
However I'm using the official wall wart for the Pi4 so it should supply the required power.

I have tried it with a different SD card and also a different image (non moode) and have not experienced crashing.
I'm repeating one FLAC song on a usb stick and can get the issue to reoccur, but it's random.

I can navigate to the System Info menu option but nothing happens when selected.
Generally the logs are pretty much clean but sometimes I get errors below.

*** snip logs ****

Any ideas what could be causing this? 


@Schaffer, did you get it to work?

Anyone else have this issue?

I have a Rpi3B+ with digione signature and shanti psu and latest version. 6.4.2. I use it with radiostreams, spotify and airplay. I have the usual 10 favorite radiostreams on a playlist.

This have become a real issue for me lately, cant say in what version it started. It can play on same radio station for weeks, but whenever I try to change radiostation it freezes - no sound (same errors as above). A simple reboot or "moodeutl -r" command solves the problem. And I can change radio station again. I can also wait it out.. Havent figured out the correct time when it starts playing again, but within a few hours.

It works ok for a awhile after a reboot or restart of servers, and I can change radio stations without any issue, but after a 10m - 60min listening to same radion station, I cant change radiostation without rebooting/restarting servers. It havent always been like this, and its the same setup I've used for 1 year. 

I tried with new build, replace psu, same issue. (right now I'm trying another software which seems to work without issues - only run for a little more than 4 hours)


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